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Saturday snippets are back 👋

Benjemen Elengovan
Benjemen Elengovan
3 min read
Saturday snippets are back 👋
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I have been under the pump for the last few months and missed writing my weekly snippets. Nevertheless, I am back on track and determined to consistently share this weekly dose of inspiration.

Is your startup default dead or default alive?

I came across this concept of 'Default dead or alive startup' recently. What does that mean, and why you should know the answer to this question.

☠️ Default Dead - If your startup is unable to be profitable and you need an external source of funding to survive

☀️ Default Alive - your startup is earning revenue and has a clear path to profitability.

Read more about this here from Paul Graham.

Default Alive or Default Dead?

12 Rules for Life

This is a highly recommended book written by Jordan B. Peterson. The author shares 12 simple life-changing rules that bring order to chaos presented by life.

The 12 rules are

  1. The world is made of hierarchies, and why you should take advantage of this with good posture.
  2. Care for yourself with the same tenderness you would a loved one.
  3. The wrong companions can drag you down, so choose your friends wisely.
  4. Progress is made by comparing yourself to your past achievements, not to others.
  5. It is a parent's duty to raise a responsible and kind child.
  6. The world is filled with injustices, but we should not blame others for our lot in life.
  7. Sacrifice can be a meaningful act, and we should seek meaning over immediate pleasures.
  8. Lies are a common tool of self-deception, but we should strive toward truthful living.
  9. Conversations are an opportunity to learn and grow, not compete
  10. The complexity of life should be confronted with clear and precise language.
  11. There are bad and oppressive men, but we must avoid suppressing human nature.
  12. Life is hard and full of sorrow, so it's important to celebrate the small joys in life.

You should also listen to his podcast - The Jordan B Peterson Podcast

A super productivity hack on your iPhone

Shortcuts - have you used this app on your iPhone and iPad
This super-app allows you to automate numerous tasks, both personal and business. I have recently become super obsessed with shortcuts and have implemented over 10+ automation for personal and startup use.

‎Siri Shortcuts deliver a quick way to get things done with your apps with just a tap or by asking Siri. The Shortcuts app enables you to create personal shortcuts with multiple steps from your favorite apps. Start from hundreds of examples in the Gallery or drag and drop to create your own. Short…

I have compiled a list of resources where you can download free shortcuts and tweak them to meet your specific needs.

21 ways you didn’t know you could use Shortcuts on your iPhone
Hacks, tricks, and tools to automate app actions.
RoutineHub is a community to find, share and version-control your Siri Shortcuts. - Download and share Siri Shortcuts
Download powerful Siri Shortcuts from others or share the ones you created with the world. These shortcuts will boost your iOS experience.

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Benjemen Elengovan

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