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My Story

I am always driven to solve problems that would bring change and improve people, businesses and places.

As a trained engineer and experienced management consultant, I have worked with numerous organisations worldwide to build business management systems, improve business process efficiencies, and keep people safe at the workplace.

Launched my first startup 'Noah Ark Consulting' - an online medical tourism platform at the age of 19. Failing to run it as a sustainable business, I lost my confidence in entrepreneurship for over 6 years.

Arrived in Melbourne in 2015 as an international student and migrant. In the following years, I regained my confidence and courage to build a new startup journey. This journey so far has led me to build the below

MyGigsters - a global financial services platform for gig workers. MyGigsters uses advanced data insights to help gig workers earn more, save and access financial services such as tax accounting, retirement, insurance and more...

Megamind Creations - a new-age software development firm that has built some award-winning products

Gufy - a growth hacking agency helping startups get users

MySafetyBot - an IoT-driven software application to make workplaces smarter and safer. Supported by the Department of Innovation and Skills, South Australia

My goal is to build a people-first culture company that solves real problems that impact people's lives. I have some superpowers in business strategy, marketing, facilitating innovation and empowering people.

Some crazy things I have done:
🎨  Guinness World Record attempt for 58 hours Nonstop painting
🏰  Guinness World Record attempt for building the highest number of sandcastles under one hour
🧙🏻‍♂️  Professional Magician and have performed more than 50 shows
😲  I have worked in 19 different jobs over the last ten years.
🎙  Built my private radio station at the age of 12

I am married to an amazing woman - Ishwarya Rao (who I met when I was 19 years old and fell in love) and have little princess Anika and mate Ayaan. We are a startup family with my wife, who runs a startup ( - India's fastest growing freelancing platform exclusive for Women).