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How to thrive in chaos and be happy

In this post, I have shared three things to find order in chaos, a great book recommendation, how to hit inbox zero and become Antifragile in life.

Benjemen Elengovan
Benjemen Elengovan
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How to thrive in chaos and be happy
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3 Things to do to find order in chaos

Have you ever been in a situation where things are not happening as planned? You are not alone.

I have personally faced this situation multiple times where chaos surrounds and hijacks my well-prepared plan. It is frustrating to see things are not working and undesired outcomes are happening in unexpected ways. This is mentally stressful and sometimes builds up anxiety.

But this can be managed through these three elements

Know what you want?

It's simple but a hard question for many. What do you really want? What does your heart desire?. We often need something different from what we have planned to achieve. The question to ask is, Is your plan truly addressing your actual need? or something else?

💡Tip - Write it down on a piece of paper - what you truly desire as an outcome.  

Understand your locus of control and sphere of influence

You probably have heard this before. But often, we don't take the time to re-assess what we can control and influence. Locus of control refers to the extent to which you feel that you have control over the events that influence your life.

Source - Pragmatic Thinking

Understanding the locus of control helps you find peace during the chaos and enables you to think of strategies to help you reach your outcomes.

💡Tip - Write it down on a piece of paper - what you truly desire as an outcome.

Embrace Antifragility

Antifragility is thought shifting concept I learned a few years ago. Nassem Taleb coined this term in his book 'Antifragile - Things can gain from disorder.'

Being Antifragile is the ability to gain strength or benefit under stress or volatility. Antifragile is not the opposite of fragile; it's like going to the gym - you put yourself under pain to gain muscle and strength.

HRM Handbook on Antifragility

This concept is equally applicable to both business and personal life. You can design various aspects of your life to be more antifragile.


  • Stick to simple rules in life that align with your core principles and values.
  • Experiment, take small risks and embrace failure.
  • Resist the urge to suppress randomness - Most things in life are random 😁

This book will change the way you think

Brief Answer to Big Questions - Stephen Hawking

This is not just a science book where Stephen is answering the biggest mysteries of our existence, planet, religion and the whole universe. I admire how Stephen's brain thinks and allows his mind to compose and comprehend perspectives that are not influenced by traditional references and known answers.

After reading this book, I guarantee you will turn smarter than earlier.

Source - Amazon

Why empathy wins

Empathy is a superpower that we humans are gifted with.

Experiencing empathy can make your own life better. Empathy can open your heart, letting in more feelings and softening some tough experiences. Sharing empathy for others in business and personal lives helps us better connect with others, collectively navigate challenging situations and boost resilience.

4 Ways To Tap Into The Transformational Power Of Empathy To Find Common Humanity
Empathy is the one way a person can step into another person’s shoes and see from their perspective. It gives us hope and meaning. It helps us solve problems. It makes our world happier and healthier.

I manage three startups, and being empathetic allowed me to listen to my customers/users and build a deeper understanding of their pains, needs and emotional triggers.

Both within my personal and startup life, this superpower significantly allows me to pay attention to what is required and build great relationships.

I worked for Cleveland Clinic, and I loved this message that every carer is trained on. Check this video

Hit inbox Zero - check this smart system.

Using Gmail and struggling to hit inbox zero - check this video

Quote I'm pondering

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Benjemen Elengovan

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