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Happiness is only real when shared ❤️

A note from my diary as a startup founder. This post is packed with some secrets, book recommendations, how to start a podcast and a few articles I read this week.

Benjemen Elengovan
Benjemen Elengovan
4 min read
Happiness is only real when shared ❤️
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I hope you're doing well.

What's packed in this week's post

💡  Secret 🤫 How I closed projects worth $100,000 in less than ten months

🎙  5 things you need to start your podcast

📖  Books I am reading right now

🍩  Few exciting articles I read this week

How I closed projects worth $100,000 in less than ten months

I have shared five secrets that help me unlock this revenue growth: zero marketing, no paid ads, no cold calling, and no sales team. Read here 👇

How I closed deals worth $100,000 in less than 10 months
5 Secrets on how I closed more than $100K deal in less than 10 months. Work on projects you want to, choose your customer, value-based pricing, invest in relationships and focus on customer-centric value delivery.

Five things you need to start your podcast

I have recorded and published over 25 podcast episodes both for my startup MyGigsters and Founders Lane. In the last eight months, my channel reached over 1000 downloads and listeners across the globe. I have had the opportunity to talk to government regulators, startup founders, innovators and gig workers.

I am still learning to become a super podcast host 😁

Why your business needs a podcast? read more here 👇

Hacks to become a successful startup founder 👍🏻
10 Must-read books for any startup founder, Why your business needs a podcast, NFT - Metaverse and more

To start a podcast, these are five things you need

  1. Podcast Hosting service  - A service that will enable you to publish your podcast on all popular podcast streaming applications such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon music and more. I use Buzzsprout (paid version) and have used Anchor (100% Free version)
  2. Good microphone - I have used AirPods earlier in my episodes, and it worked okay. I moved to a professional podcast microphone  (Shure MV7). There is a significant difference in audio quality and richness in tone.
  3. Video-first podcast episodes - It is essential to develop video-first podcast episodes so that you can distribute the content in both video format (Youtube) and audio (On podcast apps). This allows you to repurpose your content in multiple ways and reach your target audience effectively. For the same reason, you would need a digital cam to capture HD videos. Recently I moved to Logitech c922, and in my opinion, it is the best budget-friendly upgrade you can do.
  4. Podcast Artworks - With every podcast episode, you would create an episode artwork and teaser. These artworks help you attract listeners and present your brand appropriately. I use Canva (Free) and Headliner (for 30 seconds teaser)
  5. Audio mixing software - I use background music, custom intro and outro on my podcast episodes. I mix my audio tracks using Garageband (it is straightforward - at least for me). While you can get a freelancer to do it for you or do it yourself. But many great tools can do the work for you.

Books I am reading right now

Measure What Matters

by John Doerr  (free audiobook link)

At MyGigsters, we are growing fast and have got ambitious goals in place. To build a system within the business to meet our objectives and enable team engagement, we have started to deploy the OKRs method.

OKRs is a widely used management by objectives and key results methodology to enable organisations to prioritise what is important and keep track of their north start goals. The biggest companies such as Google, Spotify, Intel, Amazon and Uber uses this technique across their organisation to amplify growth.

🍩  Few interesting articles I read this week

Article #1 - How To Build Resilience As A Startup Founder

Short article for good tips on building resilience as a startup founder.

Podcast episode - Bank to the future with Chloe White
Chloe White from Genesis Block is the latest guest on the Bank to the Future Podcast. Genesis Block delivers deep insight, guidance, and strategy in financial market regulation, policy development, and crypto-asset market analysis.

Quote I'm pondering about

Last week, I was working on improving my social structure (my relationship with close friends and family), and the below quote was running in my mind.

Do you like Saturday snippets?

Then please share with your friends, family and others in your network who may benefit from this. Thanks 🙏


Benjemen Elengovan

Startup Addict | Founder & CEO of MyGigsters | Tech Enthusiast | ClubHouse @benjemen and Podcast Host


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