R u okay?
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R u okay?

A short about ✅ How I build a landing page that has a 14% conversion rate 💯 3 websites I follow every week 🤩 3 personal takeaways to mental wellbeing 💰 Personal book that changed my perception of investment

Benjemen Elengovan
Benjemen Elengovan

Hi FTF Friends 👋🏼,

I hope you are keeping well.

Five Things Friday' (aka FTF).FTF is a short weekly dose of inspiration; this email captures five things I encounter in my startup journey. This includes, the books I read, blogs, podcasts, favourite productivity hack, startup strategy, quote I'm pondering, smart tools and stories.

What's packed in this week's post

✅ How I build a landing page that has a 14% conversion rate

💯 3 websites I follow every week

🤩  3 personal takeaways to mental wellbeing

💰 Personal book that changed my perception of investment

I ❤️ landing page that converts.

As a startup founder, I constantly test and validate new ideas, features and services with my target audience. All businesses with an internet presence (pretty much everyone) need to have a converting landing page.

But Benji, what is the difference between a landing page and a home page for your website?

The short answer is

  • A landing page is about conveying one focus and is designed for conversions.
  • Home page designed to share the story and not necessarily aim for conversions

Read this article to learn more about the difference.

What’s the Difference Between a Landing Page and a Homepage?
It all comes down to what they’re designed for. The key difference between a homepage and a landing page is focus. And the proven lift in conversions— sales, signups, leads, or whatever action you want visitors to take—that results. Focus is why landing pages are so effective for marketing. As oppos…

Building high quality, better speed, mobile optimised and focused landing page can be an expensive exercise. You often hire designers and developers and spend tons of money to publish a good landing page.

I started building my landing pages for my startup ideas, clients and products. I use a no-code platform called Swipe Pages.

Swipe pages is a no-code platform that I use to build AMP highly optimised landing page. I can design and publish a landing page in less than 90 mins.

What is AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Why I like Swipe pages

  • Super optimised page with great speed and experience
  • Minimalistic and powerful drag and drop platform. No need for any coding
  • Can perform an unlimited version of A/B testing and adjust traffic
  • Can create mobile sites on the fly
  • Can develop a page for any purpose  (e-commerce, website, app download, services business, webinar event page, lead magnet and more..)
Five versions of the initial landing page for MyGigsters to attract early sign-ups

Some pages I built recently

Want to know how I create a landing page?

I am going to build a landing page on a live session soon. If you are interested in attending. Would you please share in the comments section or write to me at benjemenofficial@gmail.com?

Three websites I follow weekly

I subscribe to trends which provides me with weekly insight about the trends happening in the business world. I get access to upcoming trends, business ideas, new validation techniques, access discounted tools and connections with other hustlers.  Definitely recommended if you are constantly looking for new ideas and side income opportunities.  https://trends.co/

CB Insights

I get a sneak peek about technology trends, venture capital movements, startups growth and emerging technology. This is a free newsletter, and it would provide a spark of interest which you further explore through other internet sources. https://www.cbinsights.com/newsletter


I read quite a few blogs and articles on medium. Personally, I haven't started writing on medium (but I may give it a try soon). The minimalistic design provides a great reading experience, and I find some great authors on medium. It is free to read, and you can access any topic from religion, sex, wealth generation and startups. https://medium.com/

If you think I should write on medium, please share it the comments section or reply to this post at benjemenofficial@gmail.com  

3 personal takeaways on mental wellbeing

Listen to this audio below 👇
It was recorded in a recent presentation at the Study Melbourne's webinar on Mental health and wellbeing.  

My Unshakeable Investment Portfolio

There are countless books on investment and learning about managing money. I have read some popular books in this genre of financial freedom, investing and wealth creation. The book 'Unshakeable' by Tony Robbins is perfect given that we are in a different or more volatile market condition.

Some of the tips from this book were useful in setting my investment strategy. In another post, I will share my investment portfolio and how I invest my hard-earned money.

Quote, I'm pondering 📖

I like this quote below  ❤️

We often expect the perfect friend, perfect wife, perfect son/daughter, perfect colleague and boss. We expect that relationships should be perfect. But in my opinion, relationships are organic and antifragile. They evolve and strengthen over time; one has to treat the relationship.  

Well, that's all for this week. 😁

I hope you like my FTF posts. Please share your feedback, suggestions in the comments below, and I will write things that are most interesting and valuable to you. Also, if you think anyone in your network will benefit from these posts, please share.

Take care and be safe. 👋🏼

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